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Red Bank Elks Lodge #233 Officers

Exalted Ruler, Duane Morrill, PER

Est. Leading Knight, Chemayne Myers,PER

Est. Loyal Knight, Tom Dogas

Est. Lecturing Knight, Lori Villone

Secretary, Rebecca Beebee

Treasurer, Todd Weidman

Tiler, Joe Kraft

Esquire, Ed Wade

Inner Guard, Ron Peck

Chaplain, John Hutley

Trustee (One Year), Michael Rodriguez, PER

Trustee (Two Year), Robert Alexy

Trustee (Three Year), David Dalton

Trustee (Four Year), Emily Damiano-Peck

Trustee (Five Year), Rick Wilgerodt

Safety Officer, Michael Rodriguez, PER

PER Association President Chemayne Myers,PER

House Chairman, Padrick Shay

Bar Chairman, Steve Casale

Banquet Chairman, Sandy Reynolds

Kitchen Chairman, Charlene Morrill


Lodge Meetings are the first and third Thursday of every month.

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