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April 2024
Elk of the Month



Thank you for all you do!

Duane Morrill

July Elk of the Month

Rick Willgerodt

May Elk of the Month

Kathy Kapps

April Elk of the Month

For those of you who do not know Kathy Kapps, she is not just our scholarship chairman at our lodge, but she was also President of our Ladies Auxiliary.  Kathy's dedication to the Scholarship committee is done more so behind the scenes.  However, Red Bank Elks was awarded MVS (Most Valuable Student Scholarship) this year.  The only other lodge in our District to receive this prestigious award is Old Bridge.  I want to say "Thank You Kathy" for all your hard work. If you see a fundraiser come out from the scholarship committee, donating to this is the biggest way we can give back to our children directly from out lodge.

Chemayne, ER PER

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